IMG_1141MSCR are dedicated to providing the Complete Lifting and Hoisting Solution for your project.  MSCR can achieve this by having, at its disposal, a range of Tower Cranes and Hoists for all lifting, hoisting solutions.

Specialising in Electric Self Erecting, Top Slewing Tower Cranes and Material/Man-Material Hoist.

These products will be supplied to you in first class condition and on time so that your project will proceed smoothly and efficiently.  MSCR also has the ability to provide fully accredited and highly skilled Crane/Hoist Operators and Dogman to assist you in the process of construction.  MSCR work closely with highly, experienced, qualified engineers so as to be able to provide the correct base design to suit your individual project.
MSCR offers you the resources at your disposal that allows you to improve the scheduling and management of your project.

  • No more waiting for that mobile crane to arrive.
  • Fast, reliable lifting capabilities at your disposal.
  • Materials placed where and when you need them.
  • Hoisting men and materials by means of man-material hoists and material hoist.

To compliment all the previously mentioned features and to endeavour to provide you, the client a better level of product and service please contact us on the above details for a site-specific meeting to work out the most practical, economical quotation.

We look forward to providing you with all of your lifting and hoisting needs, in addition to all of your Operating and Dogman requirements related to the project.

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